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Bullet Journalling anyone?

I thought I might talk a little bit about my bullet journal, if that's ok?
I know not everyone will be interested in this, so I can understand if you want to pass this one by, but I did get a few questions about it when I posted a bujo* spread on Insta the other day so I thought a little post wouldn't do any harm.
*The shortened version of 'bullet journal' - everything  sounds better when it has a compound word, right?
If you're not too sure what this bullet journalling lark is all about btw, here's a couple of useful links that will get you up to speed... The official site and to be honest, a bit dry and full of jargon.
WTF is a Bullet Journal? I found this explanation on Buzz Feed much more useful, but be warned there is the odd swear.
Personally, I'm pretty much a paid up member of using technology to organise my life,  I use my Mac calendar for the day to day scheduling.  I can keep the kid's stuff on there and hubs is all synced into…

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